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As the rail industry continues to evolve, the BR&CF is looking forward to the future and serving our members.
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CTY LTD Update
The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to bring everyone up to date on what has happened since the CTY LTD Ratification.
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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists. We are now asking you to help us document the problem.
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Negotiations Bulletin #2
Attached is a letter from the Company regarding the effective dates for implementation of the items listed in Appendix 4.
Negotiations Bulletin #3
Your TCRC Negotiating Committee met with Canadian Pacific Railway over five days from November 27 to December 1, 2017 in Western Canada.
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  Division Updates

Ratification Vote Results
The results of the ratification vote for the September 6, 2017 MOS are 67.1% voted against and 32.9% voted in favour. The totals are as follows:

Tentative Agreement
All the details will be distributed to the membership, including the effective dates of when the various improvements apply and subject to membership ratification.

Negotiations Bulletin #1
Mr. Creel had asked the Union to consider an extension to our current contract. The Company has subsequently followed up and provided a proposal.

TCRC Bulletin - meeting Keith Creel
Our meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday we were joined by TCRC President Doug Finnson and Vice-President Rolly Hackl as well as Keith Creel and other Vice Presidents and General Managers. 

bullet AV Vacancy Award
bullet Surveillance of Railway workers
bullet Over 10 Hours Violation After Giving Notice
bullet Driving Company Vehicles
bullet Lorne Ozuk Retires!
bullet Enforcement of Arbitration
bullet Critical Incidents
bullet Thief River Falls Award
bullet Compassionate Care Leave
bullet Run Around Award
bullet The TCRC is a Leader in Fatigue Management
bullet AdHoc Award 641 - RCLS
bullet The use of jump seats for deadheading
bullet TCRC Information Bulletin
bullet The use of jump seats for deadheading
bullet Archived


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