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As the rail industry continues to evolve, the BR&CF is looking forward to the future and serving our members.
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CTY LTD Update
The purpose of this Information Bulletin is to bring everyone up to date on what has happened since the CTY LTD Ratification.
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Railroad workers have been fighting fatigue in the rail industry for decades but the problem persists. We are now asking you to help us document the problem.
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bullet Doug Finnson speaks about rail safety with Kirk LaPointe
bullet Award from Hon George W, Adams Q.C.
bullet LTD Independent Auditor's Report
bullet Grievance - CROA&DR
bullet CIRB Decision - Union Leave
bullet Unfit Clause - Policy Grievance
bullet CP notice to withdraw from the CROA
bullet Transport Canada raids CP headquarters
bullet This portal provides information and tools related to your retirement
bullet Negotiations - Bulletin 14
bullet Pension Options for Terminally Ill Employees
bullet State of the Union
bullet Appointment of the arbitrator
bullet Teamsters Canada Youth Committee
bullet Negotiations Bulletin 12
bullet CIRB Orders CP to comply
bullet Canadian Pacific employees put an end to their strike
bullet As Strike Deadline Looms
bullet 93% voting in favour of strike action
bullet Managers Training
bullet CIRB Decision - Managers Running Trains
bullet Cranbrook Illegal Strike Application
bullet Notice from the Election Supervisor
bullet Negotiations - Bulletin 5
bullet Romeo and Cam have left the Premises
bullet Negotiations with CP at a standstill
bullet The TCRC Remembers 
bullet CROA 4340... | CROA 4341...
bullet Changes to Danger Definition
bullet 2014 National Convention Transcripts
bullet Negotiating Bulletin 2 - October 24th 2014
bullet The Teamsters launch TV campaign
bullet CIRB Order - Managers Running Trains
bullet Grievances resolve - Engineers forced to work as Conductors
bullet TCRC members who experience a critical railway incident
bullet Teamsters’ reaction to the TSB report on Lac-Mégantic
bullet Railway Investigation Report R13D0054 - Freight train MMA-002
bullet CIRB Decision - Union Leave
bullet Union sees CP Rail training program as safety problem
bullet We have an American CEO, criticizing Canadians for our laws and the way we do things in Canada
bullet Work/Rest Rules for Railway Operating Employees Survey
bullet Local Rule Cancellation and implementation of Standardized Calling Rules and Board Placement
bullet Cancellation of local rules pertaining to the operation of the Yard Spare board
bullet Defence Fund Launched for Workers Charged in Lac-Mégantic Tragedy
bullet CROA Award 4296 - Gardippie
bullet Emergency Directive - Rail Transportation of Dangerous Goods
bullet National Day of Mourning
bullet Critical Incident Response Programmes Study
bullet Railway Investigation Report R13E0069
bullet Our Union Matters - Newletter
bullet Managers Running Trains
bullet Submission to the Provincial Legislative Board of Manitoba Quadrennial Meeting
bullet Complaint - Against CP Rail - Union Leave & AV
bullet TSB recommendation to equip trains with voice recorders stalled
bullet Emergency crews put out overnight train fire on Bishop Grandin
bullet How To – Access HR Self Service with IE10
bullet Harper Government putting worker's lives in danger!
bullet LE Required Clock - By Subdivision has been updated on the agreements page
bullet Local Rules for CTY Road has been added to the agreements page
bullet Stephen Harper’s new budget implementation bill puts workers’ lives at risk
bullet CP Rail’s insidious practice of using management-run trains has been on the rise
bullet ECCP Agreement Brandon – Carberry and Broadview Subs June 2013
bullet Policy Grievance - Training Managers
bullet TCRC Proposed Bylaws Vote Results
bullet Finnson Letter Re: By-Law Vote
bullet Dave Able Letter Re: By-Law Vote
bullet Important Notice: TCRC By-Law Amendment Vote
bullet Hackl Letter Re: By-Law Vote
bullet 2013 President Initiative to change the TCRC Bylaws
bullet Current Bylaw vs. Proposed Bylaw
bullet Member Contact Information Form
bullet Spareboard Guarantee Claims
bullet CP recognizes CIRB Cease and Desist Order
bullet Layoff / Recall - Memorandum of understanding
bullet Update your address - Click here to contact Brother Noakes...
bullet CROA Case No. 4214 - Explanation of the CIRB Decision
bullet CIRB Decision 29637
bullet Handling of Productivity and Safety Issues
bullet Order in 29635; TCRC / CP Rail
bullet Cancellation of Local Rules - rescinded
bullet CIRB Hearing in to CP Local Rules
bullet June 12th 2013
CROA Case No. 4214

bullet March 27th 2013
CP recognizes CIRB order
bullet March 22nd 2013
Explanation of the CIRB Decision
bullet April 4th 2013
CIRB Decision 29637
bullet April 4th 2013
400 barrels of oil spilled
bullet November 9th 2012
Handling of Productivity and Safety Issues

bullet October 29th 2012
Updated TCRC Bylaws

bullet October 19th 2012
Order in 29635; TCRC/CP Rail 
bullet October 18th 2012
Cancellation of Local Rules - rescinded 
bullet October 12th 2012
CIRB Hearing in to CP Local Rules 
bullet August 29th 2012
Ban All Cell Phones  
bullet August 20th 2012
CP’s ‘sweeping’ plan to come in December 
bullet July 14th 2012
NLD Rob Smith speaks to CBC about crossing accidents  
bullet July 6th 2012
Brother Jeff Smith Retires! 
bullet May 28th 2012
Georgetti slams legislation  
bullet May 28th 2012
Finnson on CP Rail back-to-work bill 
bullet May 28th 2012
Restoring Rail Service Act 
bullet May 27th 2012
The talks at Canadian Pacific are stalled 
bullet May 26th 2012
The Strike Continues  
bullet May 26th 2012
CP workers strike is in a way a battle for all Canadian workers 
bullet May 24th 2012
The Company clearly wants the Government to intervene 
bullet May 24th 2012
Letter to Minister Raitt from CUPE 
bullet May 23rd 2012
Teamsters will negotiate with CP as long as it takes 
bullet May 22nd 2012
They wanted to fabricate a crisis, but it didn’t work 
bullet May 22nd 2012
At this time the Minister will not be interfering 
bullet May 21st 2012
Minister of Labour intervening? 
bullet May 17th 2012
Benefits and AV during a Strike or Lock-Out 
bullet May 2nd 2012
Where is your pension going? Contact your MP today! 
bullet March 29th 2012
LTD Rebate Form 
bullet March 29th 2012
Hoffa Decision on initiative issue 
bullet March 29th 2012
Georgetti says budget fails on jobs, pensions 
bullet March 24th 2012
The sorry state of our unions  
bullet February 27th 2012
In Memory of Brother Ronald Dixon 
bullet February 27th 2012
Derailment in Burlington 
bullet February 26th 2012
In memory of our fallen VIA Brothers 
bullet February 15th 2012
CN blamed for fatal train derailment  
bullet February 8th 2012
OAS reform needs to be based on facts rather than alarmist fantasy 
bullet January 22nd 2012
Train Derails Over Bridge Near Edmonton, Alberta  
bullet January 10th 2012
Jim Makoski (The Big Sexy) Retires!  
bullet January 3rd 2012
CP letter addressed to Mr. Ackman 
bullet January 2nd 2012
bullet December 30th 2011
Hunter Harrison to lead CP? 
bullet November 16th 2011
Brother Barry McMillan Retires! 
bullet October 28th 2011
Harper’s new winning strategy – War on Labour 
bullet July 24th 2011
Tom Handkamer Retires! 
bullet July 7th 2011
More than 30 train cars derail east of Regina 
bullet June 21st 2011
CP train derails near Revelstoke 
bullet May 24th 2011
NTSB investigating train collision in Union County 
bullet May 14th 2011
A railway to Arctic riches 
bullet May 1st 2011
CN freight train off the tracks in west Manitoba 
bullet March 25th 2011
Restrictions of Labour Rights in Canada  
bullet March 17th 2011
Teamsters win on the Rail Safety Act 
bullet March 15th 2011
Unions don’t cause the problems they’re blamed for 
bullet February 26th 2011
How long can trains go? 
bullet January 30th 2011
TCRC leaders meet in Ottawa 
bullet December 3rd 2010
D.J. Shewchuk to Fred Green 
bullet November 10th 2010
Rick Mercer's OJT trip 
bullet September 24th 2010
Derailment blocks freight traffic west of Montreal 
bullet September 24th 2010
BLET urges FRA to improve cab safety, security  
bullet September 23rd 2010
TCRC opens Second National Convention  
bullet September 15th 2010
Farmers investigating rail line purchases  
bullet September 9th 2010
TSB warns of design flaws in deadly train collision  
bullet August 28th 2010
CN is provoking its workers to launch a strike 
bullet August 25th 2010
"Faulty Rail Cars Hauling Dangerous Goods," warns TSB  
bullet August 18th 2010
Dozens of cars jump the tracks near Fort Saskatchewan  

bullet August 3rd 2010
Area sealed off as railway probes train derailment 

bullet July 19th 2010
TCRC Division 320 in Support of Evan Moore

bullet June 29th 2010
Canadian Pacific Alberta mainline reopens after floods

bullet June 14th 2010
Teamsters Rail - Volume 2 Issue 1
bullet June 14th 2010
Truck hits train with hazardous cargo in Manitoba
bullet June 2nd 2010
Railway execs could face jail under tougher safety laws
bullet June 1st 2010
Improvements rail safety
bullet May 12th 2010
CP train derailment near Carstairs
bullet May 8th 2010
Achieving an effective safety culture
bullet April 14th 2010
Rail crashes horrific for engineers
bullet March 18th 2010
Heroic railwayman recipient of bravery medal
bullet March 17th 2010
Operation of longer, heavier trains
bullet March 4th 2010
CPR derailment near Golden, B.C.
bullet March 1st 2010
TCRC Level I Training - update
bullet February 23rd 2010
Co-pay rates for 2010
bullet February 17th 2010
In Memory of Brother Richard "Skip" Smith
bullet February 11th 2010
Revised Locomotive Inspection and Safety Rules
bullet February 3rd 2010
In memory of Brother Richard Dyon
bullet January 28th 2010
CN derails at the Symington yard
bullet January 27th 2010
CP Health and Safety Escalation process
bullet January 26th 2010
CN Rail fined for dangerous cargo in Surrey
bullet January 15th 2010
TCRC member dies after mishap at Oakville Ford Plant
bullet January 12th 2010
Brother Michael Chiarelli April 13, 1967 – January 12, 2010
bullet January 12th 2010
Two men charged in Sherwood Park train derailment
bullet January 12th 2010
A Fallen Brother
bullet January 9th 2010
Driver charged after hitting train
bullet January 8th 2010
Next budget must stress good jobs
bullet January 8th 2010
Almost 600 new members join the Teamsters Union
bullet December 30th 2009
Canada's railways hope for better results in 2010
bullet December 17th 2009
TCRC's position on the LEAN program
bullet December 17th 2009
Train-hopper tells chilling story
bullet December 15th 2009
Trains go off tracks in Saskatchewan and Alberta
bullet December 9th 2009
TSB calls for better railway warning signs
bullet December 5th 2009
Homes evacuated after CN train derails
bullet December 2nd 2009
TCRC and CNR sign agreement to end strike
bullet December 1st 2009
CP makes prepayment to defined benefit pension plan
bullet November 27th 2009
Talks Between the TCRC and CN are in a Deadlock
bullet November 27th 2009
TSB to investigate CN derailment in southern B.C.
bullet November 25th 2009
CN Locomotive Engineers forced to initiate strike action
bullet November 23rd 2009
No further talks scheduled with CN Engineers
bullet November 19th 2009
CN crew resting at home after hitting a rock/mud slide
bullet November 12th 2009
Multi-remote trains policy grievance
bullet November 11th 2009
A Day of Remembrance
bullet November 3rd 2009
Shares in Canadian railways jump on Buffet news
bullet November 1st 2009
Trains collide east of Revelstoke
bullet October 28th 2009
Teamsters participate in the National Pension Forum
bullet October 27th 2009
CLC responds to Flaherty pensions announcement
bullet October 21st 2009
U.S. safety board issues wake-up call on sleep disorder
bullet October 21st 2009
Pensioners demand government ACTION NOW!
bullet October 19th 2009
Long road to recovery for Canadian railways
bullet October 10th 2009
Ashton touts major move
bullet September 25th 2009
CP Rail sees opportunities in the downturn
bullet September 24th 2009
TCRC/CN optimistic about talks
bullet September 22nd 2009
Railway gradual recovery after few shipments & layoffs
bullet September 13th 2009
Review of rail security at borders cites major gaps
bullet September 9th 2009
CP puts coal in stocking
bullet August 28th 2009
Rail companies getting tough new rules
bullet August 25th 2009
Road reopens after train collision
bullet August 22nd 2009
Win Your Own Olympic Experience
bullet August 14th 2009
Former Canadian Vice President J.W. “Wes” Lyster, 1923-2009
bullet August 14th 2009
Shortline idea floated
bullet July 29th 2009
Memorial for 2006 derailment victims unveiled
bullet July 26th 2009
CROA award - planned TCS failure
bullet July 26th 2009
TCRC and VIA Rail agree to final and binding arbitration
bullet July 24th 2009
TCRC forced to take strike action at Via Rail Inc
bullet July 22nd 30th 2009
TCRC issues 72 hour strike notice at VIA Rail Inc.
bullet July 6th 30th 2009
New General Operating Instructions (GOI)
bullet July 6th 30th 2009
Teck coal rate decision hits CP Rail's shares
bullet July 2nd 30th 2009
Slumping economy forces Canadian Pacific Railway layoffs
bullet July 2nd 30th 2009
Bouvier delivers much-appreciated speech
bullet June 30th 2009
Remarkable address given by James P. Hoffa during the Teamsters convention
bullet June 29th 2009
New rules respecting minimum qualification standards for railway employees
bullet June 25th 2009
Whistle stop: trains to go silent in Winnipeg neighbourhood
bullet June 20th 2009
Huge blaze leaves 1 dead after CN derails near Chicago
bullet June 18th 2009
CN, Teamsters await Ottawa's decision on conciliator
bullet June 16th 2009
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
bullet June 12th 2009
BLET, UTU file joint petition to prohibit one-person crews
bullet June 12th 2009
The TCRC will carefully study the TSB's report on the Lillooet accident
bullet June 9th 2009
Feds put up $1M for Man. farmers' shortline
bullet June 5th 2009
Oshawa residents evacuated after massive train derailment
bullet May 29th 2009
Conductor's heroism cited in gov't report
bullet May 28th 2009
CN cost-cutting blamed for deadly derailment
bullet May 25th 2009
CN to pay $1.8M for derailments in B.C. and Alberta
bullet May 25th 2009
Officer in train-van crash called 'hero'
bullet May 20th 2009
Rail movement in Manitoba to resume as flood waters recede
bullet May 15th 2009
TCRC submission to HRSDC
bullet May 9th 2009
Winnipeg Thunder wins the 2009 Championship
bullet May 9th 2009
Joel Harden interviewed about the pension crisis
bullet May 6th 2009
CP Rail employees returning from Mexico
bullet May 6th 2009
Province invests in new rail company
bullet May 5th 2009
Pension changes would increase risk for workers
bullet April 30th 2009
CP Rail eyes link to access U.S. South
bullet April 27th 2009
CP trains pause for day of mourning
bullet April 22nd 2009
Today is NOT the day you die at work!
bullet April 21st 2009
NDP demand government action on pension protection
bullet April 17th 2009
Unions want strong regulations for company plans
bullet April 13th 2009
Winnipeg's continental hub plan
bullet April 3rd 2009
Flood threat closes Manitoba rail line
bullet April 1st 2009
Report details how Fraser River rail crash happened
bullet April 1st 2009
Management blamed for derailment
bullet March 26th 2009
In Memory of Brother Jim Hyslop
bullet March 23rd 2009
Red River floods disrupt rail shipments of grain
bullet March 23rd 2009
All Routes Lead to the 'Peg: City has high hopes for port
bullet March 20th 2009
One Minot derailment lawsuit settled, other cases await
bullet March 20th 2009
One Minot derailment lawsuit settled, other cases await
bullet March 19th 2009
Rail Traffic ‘May be Bottoming’
bullet March 17th 2009
Canada needs laws to protect private pensions
bullet March 12th 2009
Canadian Pacific Pension and Funding
bullet March 9th 2009
Dangerous Goods Act Bill C-9
bullet March 7th 2009
Campbell haunted by BC Rail deal
bullet February 25th 2009
Passport Information
bullet February 24th 2009
Thief steals CSX locomotive from siding
bullet February 17th 2009
Selling the gun to pay for the bullets
bullet February 17th 2009
TCRC National Bursary Program
bullet February 16th 2009
PIP payout July - December 2008
bullet February 13th 2009
“Suck It Up Buttercup" Fred Green to CAW 101 members
bullet February 8th 2009
CTA upholds U.S. railway's interswitching deal
bullet February 6th 2009
Enough union bashing
bullet February 6th 2009
Communiqué to CP Pensioners and plan members
bullet January 29th 2009
UP turns rail yard training into virtual reality
bullet January 27th 2009
CP Rail rises despite lower 4Q profits
bullet January 26th 2009
Train derailed in Canmore
bullet January 18th 2009
2002 Train derailment: A look back - Minot
bullet January 15th 2009
Railways positioned for long-term growth despite deep volume drop
bullet January 12th 2009
CN pension consent: Good News!
bullet January 9th 2009
Workers of GO Transit in Toronto join Teamsters Union
bullet December 31st 2008
CN, CPR told to pay $68M for exceeding revenue caps
bullet December 29th 2008
Shipments in and out of B.C. ports threatened as strike looms
bullet December 22nd 2008
US begins development of PTC regulations
bullet December 19th 2008
Derailment update: Tracks reopen; investigation begins
bullet December 17th 2008
Increased risk for switching fatalities around the holidays
bullet December 17th 2008
CP Rail cuts 600 union jobs, newspaper reports
bullet December 15th 2008
CWB's appeal allowed over CN service
bullet December 12th 2008
Cause of train derailment still under investigation
bullet December 7th 2008
In memory of brother David Ernest Birch
bullet December 5th 2008
Canadians expect to be their elected officials’ highest priority
bullet November 27th 2008
CPR Christmas shutdown
bullet November 27th 2008
Open letter to all new TCRC members at NQT
bullet November 25th 2008
Exhaust from rail diesel linked to lung ailments
bullet November 25th 2008
No injuries in train fire
bullet November 25th 2008
CWB begins movement of grains to east coast terminals early
bullet November 21st 2008
Railways report "record" year in 2007
bullet November 21st 2008
WNY&P shortline workers say YES to BLET
bullet November 20th 2008
CP Rail CEO buys shares – Insiders
bullet November 17th 2008
CP may delay plans for oil-sands track
bullet November 6th 2008
TSB Highlights Safety Action Taken to Prevent Rail Accidents
bullet October 30th 2008
Certification on northern Quebec territory
bullet October 28th 2008
CLC boycotts Petro-Canada
bullet October 28th 2008
CP Rail sees profit drop
bullet October 27th 2008
TCRC-MWED ratify new agreement with ONR
bullet October 24th 2008
CPR fined $250,000 over worker's death
bullet October 20th 2008
CTA rolls out guidelines for rail noise complaints
bullet October 20th 2008
Invest in trains
bullet October 20th 2008
CPR trims expenses, reveals 'efficiency' plan
bullet October 9th 2008
Brief overview of head-on collision
bullet October 8th 2008
Bush expected to sign US rail safety bill
bullet October 7th 2008
Railway disputes union's concerns over track safety
bullet October 3rd 2008
McPhillips rail-crossing to close
bullet October 2nd 2008
Rail cars heavily damaged in derailment
bullet October 1st 2008
Engineer texting 22 seconds before deadly crash
bullet September 30th 2008
US rail safety bill moves forward
bullet September 30th 2008
Engineer's family shoulders profound grief from wreck
bullet September 29th 2008
Regulators approve CP Rail purchase of DM&E
bullet September 29th 2008
TCRC negotiations with CP Rail, CN to start soon
bullet September 29th 2008
Metrolink adding second engineer to some trains
bullet September 26th 2008
Grain freight system gears up for harvest
bullet September 25th 2008
The Metrolink accident should serve as a lesson to the federal government
bullet September 23rd 2008
US Congress hustling to pass rail reform after crash
bullet September 23rd 2008
Olympic 'Spirit Train' met with protesters in B.C.
bullet September 22nd 2008
Who regulates US rail workers' shifts?
bullet September 18th 2008
Teamsters statement on Metrolink accident
bullet September 18th 2008
Canada plans world's northernmost rail line
bullet September 16th 2008
Controls to curb rail crashes may be years off
bullet September 14th 2008
Who's on your side?
bullet September 14th 2008
Cause is offered, but questions linger for inquiry
bullet September 13th 2008
Los Angeles train wreck death toll rises to 17
bullet September 12th 2008
An open letter to the unions
bullet September 12th 2008
'You don't really think about dying'
bullet September 11th 2008
CTY transition at CNR
bullet September 10th 2008
TCRC golf tournament pictures
bullet September 10th 2008
Teamsters, BLET conducting post-9/11 rail safety and security survey
bullet September 10th 2008
Plans in works to make Winnipeg North American import hub
bullet September 9th 2008
Optional life insurance rates
bullet September 9th 2008
Railways hail proposed diesel tax cut
bullet September 2nd 2008
Investigation of triple fatality crash, explosion near Medford is ongoing
bullet August 29th 2008
CIRB Certification Order
bullet August 29th 2008
2 killed, 1 hurt after train crash sparks massive explosion
bullet August 29th 2008
Teamsters union now represents the majority of workers at CNR
bullet August 28th 2008
Employee recognition?
bullet August 26th 2008
Celebrating our accomplishments
bullet August 26th 2008
CN UTU certification ballot count date
bullet August 25th 2008
Toxic rail cars to be pulled from Thompson River
bullet August 23rd 2008
Consumption advisory still in place three years after a CN Rail train derailed
bullet August 22nd 2008
CN UTU Certification Ballot Information
bullet August 20th 2008
UTU Certification Ballot Count Delay
bullet August 14th 2008
CP Rail sues Sask. government for century worth of taxes
bullet August 12th 2008
Federal rail service review rolls ahead
bullet August 8th 2008
Final report on Buckskin Derailment
bullet August 8th 2008
Train derails in Edmonton
bullet July 31st 2008
Questions and Answers on Bottled Water
bullet July 31st 2008
Mission Terminal Inc. opens new grain elevator
bullet July 31st 2008
Collective bargaining threatened for Canadian farmers
bullet July 31st 2008
Making big tracks
bullet July 30th 2008
Railway on track for rally
bullet July 29th 2008
No danger from fire, CN says
bullet July 24th 2008
Retaliation at the rails
bullet July 23rd 2008
Tiny B.C. Rail offers big bucks to bosses
bullet July 21st 2008
Research slated for causes, remedies to railway suicide
bullet July 21st 2008
Railways expected to pick up speed
bullet July 17th 2008
Tell Air Canada to respect the law
bullet July 17th 2008
New intermodal rail container yard will be huge
bullet July 10th 2008
Train derailment near Edmonton may have been deliberate: police
bullet July 10th 2008
Rail Service Sore Spot for KAP Members
bullet July 9th 2008
NDP candidate Kuzminski reacts to latest CN accident
bullet July 9th 2008
Securing Wages & Vacation Pay
bullet July 9th 2008
Labour's plan for dealing with high energy prices
bullet July 8th 2008
Feds looking to reduce number of suicides on rail lines
bullet July 5th 2008
Rail line celebrated as the West's first railway
bullet July 3rd 2008
Derailment leaks toxic chemical into Thompson
bullet July 2nd 2008
Rail-rescue bid wants $3M from province
bullet July 2nd 2008
No leaks detected from train derailment near Lytton
bullet June 24th 2008
Abolish the Canadian rail monopoly
bullet June 21st 2008
Rail Worker Fatigue: Tired, and working the trains
bullet June 18th 2008
In Memory of brother Del Scammell
bullet June 17th 2008
New law targets bullies
bullet June 13th 2008
Feds issue emergency order to rail carrier to remove faulty wheels
bullet June 11th 2008
Food running out, town declares emergency
bullet June 10th 2008
Citizens rail at rail plan
bullet June 9th 2008
City committee approves Transcona train parking
bullet June 5th 2008
12,000 railway wheel sets prone to loosen: TSB
bullet June 3rd 2008
Premier Doer heads to Mexico for summit
bullet May 31st 2008
MPs unhappy with railway safety plan
bullet May 30th 2008
Federal rail safety report finds 'culture of fear'
bullet May 30th 2008
Teamsters laud committee report that puts public safety above railway profits
bullet May 30th 2008
Paralympics in Lee Carter's sights
bullet May 29th 2008
Railway Industry Posts Gains in Q1 Despite Harsh Winter
bullet May 26th 2008
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act
bullet May 23rd 2008
CIRB begins process to ballot CTY members at CNR
bullet May 14th 2008
Transportation sector braces for boom
bullet May 14th 2008
Hoffa Calls on Ottawa and Washington to Help Ensure Public Safety
bullet May 13th 2008
VIA staff denied break
bullet May 11th 2008
CP vows steady flow of grain
bullet May 8th 2008
TCRC Education Program Funding
bullet May 7th 2008
New Canadian Rail Operating Rules
bullet May 6th 2008
Train 641
bullet May 6th 2008
CP Rail to test low-emission locomotives
bullet May 5th 2008
Diesel Exhaust & Cancers-Long Term
bullet May 5th 2008
Derailment at Symington Yard
bullet April 29th 2008
MOS Implementation Bulletin
bullet April 29th 2008
Teamsters Canada organizer position
bullet April 28th 2008
Day of Mourning
bullet April 27th 2008
Alex Gelhorn Retires!
bullet April 26th 2008
CP trains pause for Day of Mourning
bullet April 25th 2008
Conductor loses appeal in rail death case
bullet April 23rd 2008
Olympic Games Volunteer Application
bullet April 23rd 2008
CPR denies merger planned with Union Pacific
bullet April 23rd 2008
Canada invests in grade crossing improvements in Manitoba
bullet April 17th 2008
U.S. Sets Hazardous-Material Rules
bullet April 14th 2008
Despite improving record, critics say CN safety is suspect
bullet April 9th 2008
MPs urged to tighten rail safety laws
bullet April 8th 2008
2 CN workers injured as train, truck collide in northern B.C.
bullet April 8th 2008
Investigators probe 3-train crash
bullet April 7th 2008
Promised rail freight service review begins
bullet April 6th 2008
Arson may be behind destruction of 104-year-old tower
bullet March 27th 2008
$500 Bursary
bullet March 26th 2008
New Crew Change & AV Clerk Fax Numbers
bullet March 25th 2008
Canada farmers complain railway profits excessive
bullet March 25th 2008
CN Railway latest target of unpaid-overtime lawsuit
bullet March 19th 2008
UTU and CN Delay Vote
bullet March 18th 2008
Federal Charges Laid Against CNR for Wabamun Lake Spill
bullet March 17th 2008
Railway earnings drag expected in short term
bullet March 17th 2008
TCRC solidarity with IBEW 213 members in Vancouver
bullet March 15th 2008
US Anti-terror rules for trains rapped
bullet March 7th 2008
Panel report knocks CN Rail's attitude to safety
bullet March 7th 2008
Minister tables the Railway Safety Act review report in the House of Commons
bullet February 29th 2008
Abeyance Code NR01 - $80.00 Penalty Payment When Relieved
bullet February 29th 2008
Amended Canada Transportation Act receives royal assent
bullet February 25th 2008
Workers deserve a 1% solution
bullet February 25th 2008
CN, unions clash over pension payouts
bullet February 22nd 2008
Retroactive wage payment & rate increase
bullet February 20th 2008
Amendments enhance safety in the transportation of dangerous goods
bullet February 20th 2008
Farmers should get $72M break on freight costs
bullet February 19th 2008
CPR Declares a 10% dividend increase
bullet February 15th 2008
Integrity of the MOS ballot process
bullet February 15th 2008
CAW Local 101 ratify new collective agreement at CPR
bullet February 14th 2008
Railways scrambling to meet demand
bullet February 13th 2008
TCRC Members Ratify Contract at CP
bullet February 6th 2008
Brother Rick Masek Retires
bullet February 5th 2008
2007 Rail Accidents Down Almost Seven Per Cent
bullet February 2nd 2008
Transport Canada Ruling - Ditch Lights

bullet February 1st 2008
New brake system means safer trains
bullet January 30th 2008
Western Canada cold blast slows CN Rail freight
bullet January 30th 2008
Train derailment causes commuter chaos
bullet January 30th 2008
CPR profit more than doubles, girds for slowdown
bullet January 28th 2008
TCRC letter to Lawrence Cannon Minister of Transport
bullet January 27th 2008
CP Rail reaches agreement with CAW
bullet January 25th 2008
James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund
bullet January 25th 2008
Ottawa working to improve rail safety after Alberta wreck
bullet January 23rd 2008
MOS Ballots
bullet January 23rd 2008
Canadian Pacific Railway/Local 101 Strike Deadline Looms
bullet January 22nd 2008
Big changes proposed for Pacific ports, railways, airports
bullet January 18th 2008
Agency says CN fails to meet service obligations
bullet January 15th 2008
Railway Employees - Away From Home Expenses
bullet January 15th 2008
Scrap CPR rail yards, MP says
bullet January 15th 2008
Scrap CPR rail yards, MP says
bullet January 11th 2008
CP Rail workers back demands in strike vote
bullet January 8th 2008
Trains should never have rolled on unsafe parts of track: report
bullet January 2nd 2008
Canada's climate change boomtown
bullet January 2nd 2008
Western grains foundation may receive $3.9 million from CP
bullet December 28th 2007
CIRB Award - TCRC Application re: UTU
bullet December 26th 2007
Derailed coal quickly being cleaned up
bullet December 22nd 2007
Two hurt as car, train collide
bullet December 13th 2007
Railways expect to be derailed
bullet December 7th 2007
Sask. politicians unveil plan for Regina rail redevelopment
bullet December 6th 2007
Revised MOS - Synopsis
bullet December 5th 2007
Revised MOS
bullet December 5th 2007
Officials probe derailment
bullet November 29th 2007
Moody's downgrades Canadian Pacific
bullet November 26th 2007
Winnipeg area employees invited to learn about pensions
bullet November 23rd 2007
Contract Update
bullet November 17th 2007
Commitment not to serve notice of strike/lockout until November 24th 2007
bullet November 17th 2007
Commitment not to serve notice of strike/lockout
bullet November 16th 2007
Ratification Vote Results
bullet November 15th 2007
New Agreement on Railway Security
bullet November 12th 2007
Derailment Blocks CN Line Near Hinton
bullet November 8th 2007
CPR deal expected to pass, despite Mayo
bullet November 7th 2007
TCRC files CIRB complaint against CN
bullet November 7th 2007
CPR 'disappointed' by U.S. roadblock
bullet November 2nd 2007
CIRB certification to TCRC at ONTC
bullet October 31st 2007
Major overpass near Portage re-opens
bullet October 26th 2007
ONTC Conductors Overwhelmingly Chose TCRC
bullet October 26th 2007
Faulty track blamed in crash
bullet October 20th 2007
Poor infrastructure blamed for late trains
bullet October 5th 2007
A large portion of downtown Moose Jaw has been evacuated
bullet November 28th 2007
Rebuttal to "Vote No" flyer
bullet September 20th 2007
In Memory Of Brother Terry Juskow
bullet September 14th 2007
CP Rail investigating derailment
bullet September 1st 2007
We Have A Deal
bullet August 24th 2007
Train safety campaign launched
bullet August 24th 2007
CN Moves Manager South
bullet August 18th 2007
National Negotiations Bulletin #8
bullet August 11th 2007
Railways need heightened safety
bullet August 7th 2007
CN manager blamed for derailment
bullet August 5th 2007
Utility Person rate increase to Yard Foreman
bullet August 3rd 2007
National Negotiations Bulletin #7
bullet August 1st 2007
CP launches process for sale of Windsor Station
bullet July 27th 2007
Authority to conduct a strike
bullet July 25th 2007
National Negotiations Bulletin #6
bullet July 24th 2007
Open letter to all UTU members
bullet July 21st 2007
Arbitrator sides with CNR
bullet July 18th 2007
CPR Takeover?
bullet July 8th 2007
LTD ballot cancelled
bullet July 6th 2007
TCRC-MWED calls for a public inquiry
bullet June 29th 2007
Transport Canada orders CP Rail to do extensive brake
bullet June 14th 2007
National Negotiations Bulletin #5
bullet June 12th 2007
CNR Certification Vote
bullet June 12th 2007
Latest truck-bridge collision snarls McPhillips traffic
bullet June 12th 2007
National Office Relocation

bullet June 11th 2007
CWB accuses railways of huge grain losses
bullet June 6th 2007
BC FED letter to the Prime Minister
bullet May 30th 2007
CP arrest of pickets unlawful, union says
bullet May 30th 2007
MWED Picketers arrested
bullet May 29th 2007
Legal opinion on right to refuse pamphlet
bullet May 29th 2007
Deregulation a disaster for rail safety: report
bullet May 18th 2007
Strike coincides with safety review
bullet May 15th 2007
In Memory Of Brother Clyde Brian Liebrecht
bullet May 15th 2007
Manitoba CP Rail workers to join nation-wide
bullet May 15th 2007
Manitoba chief prepared to press rail blockade
bullet May 15th 2007
Cleaner, greener rail system
bullet May 13th 2007
Our rights & obligations during the MWED legal strike action
bullet May 13th 2007
MWED to strike CP Wednesday
bullet May 12th 2007
BLET reaches tentative deal with CP's US subsidiary
bullet May 12th 2007
Canadian Pacific on track for strike
bullet April 27th 2007
Message from the TCRC concerning the accidental death of Lonnie Plasko
bullet April 27th 2007
April 28 - Day of Mourning

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