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Published: November 16th 2011
Source: TCRC Division 76

Locomotive Engineer Barry McMillan completed his last trip today (November 16th 2011) on the Altona Way Freight. Barry's last trip turned out to be an eventful one. While performing their normal switching duties in Altona, the track failed under them resulting in four derailed cars. The crew spent all day re-railing cars and were eventually relieved. They were taxied back to Winnipeg where he was met by Division 76 representatives. After the union presentation Barry met his family who where waiting for him at the shop. The company was also ready with a presentation for Brother McMillan. They quickly presented him with an Admission of Responsibility debiting his work record with thirty five demerits for making his last trip.

He should have known better!

Barry entered Company Service in Thunder Bay on July 28th 1975 working in the shops. He later transferred into the Running Trades qualifying as a Locomotive Engineer. Once qualified he transferred to Winnipeg where he was not welcome at first. However, once we got to know Barry, he became everyone's friend and Brother. He served the Union as Vice President and Mileage Committee for the past fifteen years and he was always there when we needed him. Division 76 members are better off as a result of his hard work.

Barry also spent many years involved with our Division's Hockey team, playing, raising money and planning the team's annual tournament participation. His determination finally paid off a few years ago when they brought home the Cup, proud winners of the Beer League.

On behalf of Division 76 we wish Barry and his family a long healthy happy retirement. All the best Brother!


TCRC Division 76 Winnipeg - 2014