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Published: January 10th 2012
Source: TCRC Division 76

Jim Makoski (The Big Sexy) retires with 35 years of service. He hired on in Winnipeg as a Yardman in 1977 qualifying as an Engineer in 1983. He worked in Winnipeg yard and road until transferring to Minnedosa under a material change agreement where he worked for fifteen years. While in Minnedosa he met his lovely wife Lisa and later transferred back to Winnipeg in 2009.

His humor will be missed by all who worked with him in Winnipeg and Minnedosa, his specialty was doing imitations of everyone he met along with his vast knowledge of wrestling. He will argue with anyone that wrestling is real and a true sport not like hockey or football which in his opinion are fixed. His retirement plans include spending time with his grandchild or children if more come along, travelling and working in his new garage polishing his fleet of vehicles, nobody owns cleaner vehicles than Jim.

On behalf of Division 76 we wish Jim and his family a long healthy happy retirement.

All the best Brother!

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TCRC Division 76 Winnipeg - 2014