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Published: January 11th 2017
Source: TCRC 76

Congratulations Lorne!

Sisters & Brothers,

Please join us in congratulating Brother Lorne Ozuk on his retirement!

Along with his many years of hard work at CP, Lorne proudly served our members as President for 15 years. In spite of the constant attacks from our employer Lorne's commitment, passion for and dedication to his members never wavered. When a member needed him, he was always there for support and assistance. His selfless devotion to the union and his members will be sorely missed.

One of the funniest moments I can remember was a couple of years ago at a Union golf tournament where we were trying to raise money for our sick members. Lorne decided that he would cut his hair off if everyone kicked in some cash. $500 was raised in an hour and one of our members chopped off his hair with dull scissors. Not only did we raise the money, Lorne donated the hair to the Children's Cancer Care Unit. This is just one example of Lorne's selfless character. 

We are sure that Lorne will keep busy hunting, fishing, gardening and playing with his old tractor. As we congratulate him on his well-earned retirement we know that we will miss his presence at work. The members of Division 76 would like to extend our best wishes to him in whatever comes next!

Cheers Brother!

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